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Artist Statement

I believe that all art is a form of revitalization of artistic concepts from the past and present. Taking into account the cultural implications, of the space and time between each idea and piece, one must keep in mind that art is not the only motivation behind them. In almost all occasions, the spirit and the content of the then-modern society is the true source of these creations.

Although I grew up during the nicely coined "New China," I actually lived through one of the most devastating periods of cultural destruction in modern history. When I visited the Terra Cotta Warriors of the Qin excavations, I immediately realized that the feudalism and oppression from the Qin dynasty have never quite left the country. The fundamentals of those concepts are still controlling the people in Mao's regime. Though the origins of my work grew from historical references, my pieces actually attempt to raise questions endured through time. My geographical and ideological personal journey formed the opinions that now question and explore the world today with humor, confusion, anxiety, and sarcasm.

After arriving in the United States many years ago, I was presented with an environment to voice my ideas and thoughts through my art. For a culture traveler like myself, this privilege is invaluable. In my new surroundings of Western religion, political systems, and the dynamic everyday life, not to mention the Bay Area funk art and figurative movement, I was in the perfect place to create my own version of reflective art.

It was during this time that I truly realized the challenge behind this attempt. Not only have I been able to constantly push the boundaries of what clay can express, I have also been able to really push myself to see how I can truly incorporate my purpose, inspirations, and critiques to reflect life. To reflect the limitless boundary of the contemporary social and political messages. Most importantly, I've been able to utilize clay to try to represent the spirit of humanity.

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